All Things Are Possible Foundation

ATAP Scholarship

Applicant Eligibility:

  • High School Senior in Burlington County, New Jersey
  • Volunteered at least 15 hours of verifiable community service in high school
  • Must submit completed application by April 1st

About the ATAP Scholarship Awards:

Our mission is to empower the youth and to enhance the community.  Awarding these scholarships help students gain access to education and financial support.

Scholarship Types:

The Austin Conrad McIntosh Scholarship. Awarded to a student pursuing a STEAM related major and/or career field. Amount: $2,500

Make a Difference Scholarship. Awarded to an innovative student who has demonstrated innovative thinking and plans to use innovation and creativity to make a positive difference in our world. Amount: $1,250

Yes We Can! Scholarship. Awarded to a student making significant contributions to their community with aspirations to enhance their community on a larger scale in their future through programs, projects, elected office and/or community activism. Amount: $1,250

Scholar Athlete. Awarded to a student dedicated to the pursuit of their athletic dreams. Amount: $1250

Vocational Excellence. Awarded to a student who earned their license /credential to demonstrate vocational excellence after high school. Amount: $1250